Dow and ChemPoint

Since 2012, Dow has partnered with ChemPoint as their exclusive distribution partner for their laminating adhesives. This partnership married the powerful technology of Dow with the service capabilities of ChemPoint to deliver the best possible experience to you, the customer. ChemPoint’s hybrid sales model ensures we’re available when you need us with the outside technical service to ensure your projects are successful and tailored to your goals.

As a fully-integrated extension of Dow Adhesives to your market, we facilitate your need for product grade optimization, technical support, order placement and fulfillment. We are committed to being a solutions provider for packaging adhesives and are happy that you are here.

We are passionate about solving your laminating adhesives problems. This powerful website was designed to optimize your experience and ability to find solutions. We appreciate your interest and look forward to engaging with you.

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About Dow

The Dow Chemical Company has a long and noteworthy history in the adhesives marketplace with a robust product portfolio, excellent technical resources, as well as broad FDA compliance. Dow maintains an exceptional knowledge in packaging adhesives with great strength in product portfolio and product development in solvent based, water based and solventless technologies. When you choose to work with Dow products, several comprehensive product families stand prepared to fulfill the required functional performances for your application.

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About ChemPoint

Founded in 1999, ChemPoint has become the leader in the marketing, sales and distribution of specialty and fine chemicals through the use of progressive technology and efficient business processes with a deep knowledge of the chemical industry. ChemPoint engages in exclusive product line relationships with premier manufacturers to provide personalized marketing and sales for targeted customer segments.

Our two offices in Bellevue, Washington and Maastricht, Netherlands are made up of over 200 employees. Our parent company is Univar Solutions - a global chemical distribution company and has its headquarters in Downers Grove, Illinois.

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Whether you need additional consultation to select a grade or want more information on samples, product availability or pricing, give one of our sales experts a call today and we'll be happy to help with whatever you need. Our staff of sales and technical service representatives have the tools to set your business up for success.

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