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Dow Laminating Adhesive Products Selection Guide

Download our Dow Laminating Adhesive Products Selection Guide

Dow Heat Seal Coatings Selection Guide

Download our heat coatings product selection guide.

The Proper Handling And Storage Of Adhesives

Proper handling and storage are essential for maintaining the best performance, quality, and durability of your adhesives or coatings.

The Basic Chemistry Of Laminating Adhesives

Learn about the chemistry behind Laminating Adhesives. It can you help choose which chemistry offers the optimum benefit for your system.

The Basic Chemistry Of Hear Seal Coatings

Learn about the basic chemistry behind Heat Seal coatings. It is essential to have a basic understanding how each chemistry performs then match this to the various design inputs.

Improving Appearance with Solventless Adhesives

With increasing production speeds, it became critical to learn how to find the balance between lamination finish quality and speed of production. Adhesive choices can be the solution.

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