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2024 Dow Laminating Adhesive and Heat Seal Coatings Brochure

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Go Green by Reducing VOC

Dow offers a variety of adhesive and coating technologies to reduce VOC and HAPS emissions including high-solids solvent based, high performance water-based, and solventless.

Value Differentiation in Adhesives and Coatings

When selecting an adhesive or coating it is important to evaluate applied cost, chemistry, performance diversity, and supplier capabilities.

Web Handling

Web handling is defined and many factors that affect web handling including tension, rollers, and winding are discussesd.

Adhesive Application Methods

Many different types of application methods are used in the converting industry. Choosing the appropriate adhesive and application method for a converting process is vital to success..

Lamination and Converting Conversion Factors

A helpful standard conversion guide that is needed to run converting and lamination equipment.

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