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Insulation Facing

Insulation facing laminations are laminates which contain film/foil or metalized films that provide protection for a variety of insulation applications. Often the adhesive possesses fire-retardant properties. Typical applications include ceiling panels and wall insulation.  
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ADCOTE™ 76P112 Solvent Based Adhesives Gravure, Reverse roll, Smooth roll transfer 43% 1.5–2.5 lbs/ream 9H1H 100:6.0 with Coreactant 9H1H - Industrial Insulation Facing,Cable Wrap,General Industrial High Heat Resistance,Adhesion to Foil and Metallized Films,High Chemical Resistance,High Bond Strength

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The Importance of Quality Control Testing By being diligent in recording and monitoring tests for each laminated structure many potential laminate problems can be averted. Read More...

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