PACACELâ„¢ Solventless Adhesive Technology

PACACEL L75-191 is a high efficiency solventless adhesive designed for use in a wide range of applications and performance needs while offering a variety of benefits throughout your organization.

» EU and FDA 1395 B through J compliant.
» Faster line speeds (1000 + FPM) with no misting.
» Better appearance on METPET, METOPP to heavy white ink background at those speeds.
» Achieves full chemical cure for FDA in 48 hrs. at room temperature (68F+)
» Can be slit in 4-6 hrs. at room temperature (68F+)

Supply Chain and Operations
When considering the applied cost in conjunction with the increased productivity, PACACEL offers a competitive solution for your laminating requirements. PACACEL offers increased productivity due to faster line speeds, faster cure time to process, easier clean up, and less waste due to appearance issues.

Less misting at higher speeds translates into a safer work environment for the operators. We can also offer assurances of product consistency and continuity of supply due to DOW’s backward integration in the primary raw materials used in the manufacture of our solvent free line of products.

Sales and Marketing
PACACEL offers regulatory advantages that will meet brand owners demands. Not only are the brand owners demanding FDA acceptance, but EU compliance as well since their products get shipped globally. This information can be valuable selling point differentiation. The information establishes credibility by demonstrating a proactive approach in areas many converters are not well-versed in.

Technical / New Product Development
The Dow & DuPont merger is now complete and as a result of the reorganization, the Materials Science division is the largest of the three. It is also home for what is now the largest portfolio of combined technologies, innovations, expertise, and resources committed to growth in flexible packaging globally (food, pharma, and industrial). Materials Science has a dedicated manufacturing, technical support, R&D, marketing, and customer service group for flexible packaging. The Material Science group has analytical testing and physical property testing capabilities available through their PackStudios facilities to help customers develop prototypes and troubleshoot problems with existing structures. We provide excellent support to you so you can offer unrivaled support to your customers.

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