PACACEL™ L75-200

PACACEL™ L75-200 is the isocyanate component of a solventless laminating adhesive used for flexible packaging laminates. It provides quick cure times, excellent bond strength, great compatibility with printing inks, and broad FDA compliance. PACACEL™ L75-200 is designed to react with either Coreactant CR-201 or Coreactant CR-202 to form a 100% solids polyurethane laminating adhesive.

Features & Benefits

When PACACEL™ L75-200 reacts with Coreactant CR-201, the PACACEL™ L75-200/CR-201 solventless adhesive system is made. This adhesive rapidly forms bonds and can be further processed within 6 hours at room temperature after coating. A full cure can be achieved after 3 days at room temperature. PACACEL™ L75-200/CR-201 provides excellent bonds to PET, aluminum oxide–coated films, and treated PP, PE, and coextruded polymer films. This system is approved for food contact according to (EU) No 10/2011, FDA 21 CFR 177.1395 conditions of use C–G, and FDA 21 CFR 175.105. This makes it ideal for creating flexible packaging for snack foods, meat and cheese, frozen foods, and condiments. This adhesive may also be used to create hot fill pouches and has good chemical resistance.  


When PACACEL™ L75-200 reacts with Coreactant CR-202, the PACACEL™ L75-200/CR-202 solventless adhesive system is made, which has shorter cure times, better adhesion to metallized films, higher heat and chemical resistance, and faster line-speed capabilities compared to the PACACEL™ L75-200/CR-201 adhesive. Laminates made with PACACEL™ L75-200/CR-202 fully cure in 2 days at ambient temperature and can also be further processed after 6 hours of curing at ambient temperature. This adhesive provides excellent bonds to the same substrates detailed above for PACACEL™ L75-200/CR-201 and additionally facilitates higher bond strength in laminations involving metallized films and foils.  PACACEL™ L75-200/CR-202 complies with FDA 21 CFR 177.1935 conditions of use B–H, making it ideal for the applications covered by PACACEL™ L75-200/CR-201 plus boil-in-bag and ovenable packaging.   

Key Properties

Application Method
Smooth roll transfer
CR-201, CR-202 
Coating Weight
1.3–2.0 g/m2
N/A, solvent free
Colorless to Light Yellow Liquid
8.95 lbs/gallon
Mix Ratio
100:60 (pbw with CR-201), 100:45 (pbw with CR-202)
Recommended Diluent
Drying Web Temperature
Key Performance Benefits
Fast cure speed, fast run speed with excellent appearance, broad FDA compliance, excellent bond strength
Applied Solids
Supplied Solids
Cure Time
3 days at 25°C (using CR-201), 2 days at 25°C (using CR-202)
Nip Temperature
Nominal Application Temperature
Post Process Time
6 hours at 21°C
Pot Life
Approximately 30 minutes
PET, Metallized films, foil, AlOx, PP, PE, OPA, PA
3,600 mPa·s @ 25°C

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