A Partner From Start to Finish

A Partner From Start to Finish

Success story:

"When our customer decided to buy their first laminator to make laminated structures for their customers, they needed a little help knowing how to get the most out of their new machine. That’s when they approached ChemPoint for help. Since we have all the tools at Dow available to help our customers, we were happy to offer Dow’s analytical capabilities to help them understand the nature of a pouch structure.

We spent the time to truly listen to the design goals so we could offer targeted product grade suggestions and run prototype trials at the pilot facility.  Next we utilized Dow’s physical testing capabilities to test each prototype out so we knew which design would meet the end customers’ needs best and we helped train our customer on sight with how to best create this optimized pouch. From the very beginning to the final stages of this project, ChemPoint was here with Dow’s support to help our customer create the best package possible."

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