Testing Capabilities

ChemPoint Provides Solutions

Problems are inevitable as you develop new products for your customers, but how do you look for solutions? By working with ChemPoint and Dow you can have access to some of the best collaborative resources available to the industry through Dow’s Pack Studios. Whether your structure is seeing low bonds, haze, fish eyes, tunneling, or a host of other issues, Dow has the resources, experience, and talent to help troubleshoot these issues with you. You won’t have to rely on only your internal and customers' resources to find a solution, and with the highly collaborative nature of Pack Studios, you are shoulder to shoulder with field experts to find the best solution for whatever headwinds come your way.

Our Analytical Support

Dow's fully equipped labs are able to support testing such as classic wet analysis, infrared spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR), mass spectrometry, and gas chromatrography (GC) to ensure your products are designed to the highest quality possible while getting to market as quickly as possible. By bringing your questions to us, you avoid the expensive R&D costs while working with the experts who can provide you with thorough and accurate analysis on your product or prototype. 

Our Technical Expertise

ChemPoint is fortunate to be able to offer the service of the foremost experts in flexible packaging adhesives technical service--our team has over 35 combined years of experience helping customers to develop, troubleshoot, and evolve their package to meet whatever challenges our customers see. We also work closely with the technical staff and resources at Dow along with their advanced technology. Truly the technical experience we provide our customers is unmatched in the industry, and we're confident you will have the best technical service available.

What are the Pack Studios?

As a leading material supplier to the global plastics packaging industry, Dow has taken the initiative to not aim simply at growing their share of the pie, but to grow the pie itself. To accomplish this, they have built Pack Studios where players throughout the value chain are able to collaborate to develop some of the most inspired designs in the marketplace. Dow, converters, brand owners, and retailers have been working with consumers and raw material suppliers to meet the current flexible packaging needs as well as to design the packages of the future. 

ChemPoint is the exclusive packaging adhesive distributor for The Dow Chemical Company. As we help our customers with new projects and business, we have access to Dow's resources at Pack Studios where world-class technologies deliver market-driven innovation. 


When you request testing support from ChemPoint, we will take the time to discuss your issue to truly understand the situation. Our technical service reps can suggest alternative adhesives, troubleshoot your process, or propose alternative raw materials which could help the project to be successful. We have Dow's laboratories available to do further structure testing and a pilot coater to test your new prototypes while your laminators can continue production for your customers.

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