Narrow Web Lamination

Narrow web lamination is becoming increasingly popular as press technology evolves and there are opportunities to utilize narrow web presses in what may have been previously manufactured in a wide web process. Brand owners are looking for converters who can facilitate short runs with increased flexibility for promotional and regional packages or to roll out new products with low initial volume.
Narrow web presses historically have had limited drying and nipping capabilities for adhesives. They most often cater to applications such as snack bar wrappers, general to medium performance stand-up pouches, shrink labels, and lidding. We have developed the ChemPoint narrow web brochure to showcase our products which have proven to perform in narrow web processes and in these end use applications. With Dow’s product technology as well as Pack Studios at our disposal, we are committed to you and your customers’ success. After you’ve looked through our product offering, I encourage you to partner with our technical experts to design, optimize or troubleshoot your products.

Narrow Web Line Card

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